Wednesday, September 17, 2008

sy summer oh-eight

sincerely yours sends YOURS0088 down the wire after
a quiet summer with an interesting proposition: a sales

"pelle's cd på nordpolen is out of the 24th of september
and for financial reasons we need to know how many
copies to expect to sell. 435 or 466? or maybe 632?
we're thinking maybe 1300. closest wins a night with
air france, a couple of 88:an or whatever. just tell us
what you need, baby.

mail your entry to"

heartbeast: 886
wolfgang: 1234...

nordpolen is SY's newest signing, and his lyrics apparently
so affected TTA that they requested he sing in swedish so
as not to lose any of it in translation. to get the ball rolling,
the label has conveniently packaged all the nordpolen you
could ever want into a few cute little packages. the one that
caught our interest in particular: YOURS0086 + YOURS
0080 + some coke for 130 €...let us know if you do. the
gothenburg label ends a very successful summer of 2008
still coasting on the props from air france's lovely no way
ep, as well as embarking on wide-reaching distribution
partnerships with the esteemed modular and montreal's
summer lovers unlimited label for all your TTA needs. what
next? we await.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

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