Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feel good lost.

photo: sandra croft

for the spaces in between days, or when the days never
end or all end the same way: here is the sound of a saturday
afternoon filled with boredom, a one-litre jug of ecstasy, and
maybe an easy-to-use software program like cakewalk. it all
takes you back to ambient days when you did nothing but
dream your way out and find ways to fill lazy days.

practically nothing is known about teengirl fantasy, so let's
keep it that way, drift away, drift up, drift down and feel lost
the way that you used to.

teengirl fantasy - portofino

Saturday, February 21, 2009

everything is going to the beat

photo: shannon echlin

sometimes all it takes is a good song to take you
back: back to the future, back to sunny days, back
to the neighbourhood, back to the beat. just back.

passion pit - sleepyhead

Sunday, February 15, 2009

no excuses, that's the way life goes.

no excuses, no looking back. in the middle of winter the
dream of 'no excuses' that lingered all summer seems as
distant as the cyan expanses of the great escape. in the
new video, director marcus soderlund takes all the
signifiers of air france's sound - crashing waves, ocean,
sunsets, the off-camera beach - and churns out a visual
language that brings the escapism of air france back into
real life. the bleakness of the winter waves contrasts the
soaring orchestration of 'no excuses', and the result is a
rare and beautiful escape into something deeper and
more real about it. it's always tempting to look back, to
a time held up by the pillars of economic illusion, to sun,
sand, fun, or the illusion of it - but this time 'no excuses'
is not about escape anymore, but about living each
moment in soaring joy like catastrophe is around every
corner. so no excuses, no looking back, this is life as
we've come to know it. no matter how it treats you,
just fucking get on top of it and ride, baby, ride.

air france - no excuses (video)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the day we left town.

this is what you can't explain, this is what you can't
say. it's real life, you + me, so why don't we just run
away? why don't we. you think it and keep thinking
it. one day, we wake up, the morning sun is seeping
through a crack in the blinds, you open your eyes
and you know that finally, it's here, that day. so let's
get off this queen-sized bed, where far too many
tears have been shed & dreams were left for dead.
we'll put on our best clothes, bring only what we
need. douse the walls with kerosene. drop a match
from the mezzanine. get into the car, we'll watch it
from afar. as the flames kiss the sky, there's only
you + me. let it burn to the ground, because we're
not hanging around. it's the day we're leaving town.
and it might just be today, the day we're leaving it
all behind.

Monday, February 9, 2009

islands in the sun.

"what is distinctive is the symbolic transformation of the islands
to another thing. this is the nature of design, you are always
adjusting reality to arrive at some other thing."
- milton glaser

the islands of the bahamas: the first country we've wanted to
visit based on its logo. coloufully evocative, abstract yet still
representational, it holds its ground as a fantastic piece of
branding by the MN-based studio Duffy & Partners. come to
think of it, if summer had a logo, wouldn't this be it? as the
beach boys would say, that's where you want to go to get
away from it all.