Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feel good lost.

photo: sandra croft

for the spaces in between days, or when the days never
end or all end the same way: here is the sound of a saturday
afternoon filled with boredom, a one-litre jug of ecstasy, and
maybe an easy-to-use software program like cakewalk. it all
takes you back to ambient days when you did nothing but
dream your way out and find ways to fill lazy days.

practically nothing is known about teengirl fantasy, so let's
keep it that way, drift away, drift up, drift down and feel lost
the way that you used to.

teengirl fantasy - portofino

1 comment:

Herbertus Bigend said...

My Teengirl Fantasy gets me through lonely nights. And lonely days, when no one's at home.