Sunday, February 15, 2009

no excuses, that's the way life goes.

no excuses, no looking back. in the middle of winter the
dream of 'no excuses' that lingered all summer seems as
distant as the cyan expanses of the great escape. in the
new video, director marcus soderlund takes all the
signifiers of air france's sound - crashing waves, ocean,
sunsets, the off-camera beach - and churns out a visual
language that brings the escapism of air france back into
real life. the bleakness of the winter waves contrasts the
soaring orchestration of 'no excuses', and the result is a
rare and beautiful escape into something deeper and
more real about it. it's always tempting to look back, to
a time held up by the pillars of economic illusion, to sun,
sand, fun, or the illusion of it - but this time 'no excuses'
is not about escape anymore, but about living each
moment in soaring joy like catastrophe is around every
corner. so no excuses, no looking back, this is life as
we've come to know it. no matter how it treats you,
just fucking get on top of it and ride, baby, ride.

air france - no excuses (video)

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