Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the day we left town.

this is what you can't explain, this is what you can't
say. it's real life, you + me, so why don't we just run
away? why don't we. you think it and keep thinking
it. one day, we wake up, the morning sun is seeping
through a crack in the blinds, you open your eyes
and you know that finally, it's here, that day. so let's
get off this queen-sized bed, where far too many
tears have been shed & dreams were left for dead.
we'll put on our best clothes, bring only what we
need. douse the walls with kerosene. drop a match
from the mezzanine. get into the car, we'll watch it
from afar. as the flames kiss the sky, there's only
you + me. let it burn to the ground, because we're
not hanging around. it's the day we're leaving town.
and it might just be today, the day we're leaving it
all behind.

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