Tuesday, July 15, 2008

in the karibien.

our dearly beloved air france have finally resurfaced again
with the fantastic
no way down ep on sincerely yours. it's
more aerial than last year's aquatic
on trade winds, but still
with the same end product: 6 meticulous pop postcards from
a holiday so perfect that it could never realistically exist. but
that's ok, you still get 23 minutes of unspeakable loveliness
to dream along to, whether you're 6 or 36, 000 ft from the

since we're incurable romantics, we're going to take you back
to the winter when our love affair with the gothenburg boys
first began. it started with the usual coy glances, love letters
via sincerely yours and whispered invitations to tropical
hideaways. but it took only a single gesture of tender elegance
and unbridled wanderlust to win over our hearts completely.
before we knew it, the words were true: "i don't know why i'd
get sad when i had you". so hold on to me, baby.

air france - hold on to me, baby

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