Friday, August 15, 2008

the importance of being dada

the large turf: image by flickr user christophotography

"nothing is greater than anything" else states dada, and
this is the first sign of hope that the artist can discover
the meaningless importance that has been invested in
the term ART. dada is irritated by those who write "art,
beauty, truth" with capital letters, and who make them
entities superior to humankind. dada scoffs at capital
letters, atrociously. dada scrapes from us the thick layers
of filth deposited by the previous centuries. you have for
once the invitation to make merry in our new and
unprecendented experience of art, with it's now reduced
front letter. at last! art and life are now the same thing,
resembling each other so closely in reality that it is never
a question if it should be set down on paper or canvas, or
given any greater degree of expression that we give a
morning walk, a good cup of tea or a rest in the sunshine.

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