Friday, October 10, 2008

seasonal adjustments, stars realign.

image: sandra croft

we could change. we should change. you know that every
day from now on nature is trying to say "the summer is
over. and winter is on its way." summer songs have simple
blueprints, syndicated by open windows in june; winter's
about bells, strings, digital sounds, anything with a sharp
edge; spring can start from a fresh beat and grow in the
sunshine. autumn songs though...they're a lot harder to
pin down. not as pensive or hollow as winter songs, and
just that little bit more hopeful. autumn songs mean that
much more, because like the changing season, they're
about renewal; feelings come and go and change, good
and bad and sad. you can never tell exactly where it will
lead, and that's the beauty of it all. it's all about making
sure that as the season transitions, you do too, just a little
bit each day. when the leaves start to fall, hold out your
hand and close your eyes, coz you're in for a big surprise.

the bridal shop - violation


Daniel Kukla said...

little jewels cast aside

heartbeast/wolfgang said...

pieces of the summer.

Eli said...

elusive autumn albums are the hardest to come by, and probably the most haunting. they get in your bones and stay there sleeping until the leaves fall again.

heartbeast/wolfgang said...

you mean like...logic will break your heart? working to find a way through the winter.