Saturday, November 1, 2008

october language.

photos: sandra croft

the language of october is nothing else but the impressions
and signs that nature itself speaks to us melted into sound.
autumn is a time of waiting and watching time go by, not
for action and loudness. as nature slows down after the
affluence of summer, october language speaks of the decay
of light, of leaves, of the quality of the sunlight and the
paradox of nature being both ephemeral and hauntingly

so, slowly, roll over and face the end. winter's here, but not
quite. october language whispers in these quiet spaces, and
what makes it such an effective expression of autumn is its
understanding of decay, the type that is always practically
imperceptible, happening over days or weeks or months
until the day you realise it's been happening all along.
grinding through filter overload, heavily processed guitars
and distorted loops that seem to go on forever, the sound
of october is about understanding that all beauty inherently
has an element of decay; behind the sunlight and warmth
there has to lurk an unspeakable melancholy and sadness
that will seep into the listener like the cold air on an autumn
night, slowly and imperceptibly, but surely.

so maybe another way to think about the language of october
is to imagine all the glorious pop music of the summer aging
and eroding before your ears in time-lapsed timelessness,
leaving only microscopic sediments that go on to form the
soul of winter as the heart of summer deteriorates.

belong - october language

belong - who told you this room exists

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