Wednesday, December 17, 2008

02: so haunted

HBWG 02: SO HAUNTED wakes up with a clear mind
and hazy scenery to the ultimate display of being totally
lost and yet still on to something essential. this issue we
let the the ghosts back in, feeling loveless and yet...never
more in love. this is no fantasy, no stupid escape. this is
real life, this is you and me. this is real life honey, just
you wait and see.

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HBWG02: so haunted
heartbeast: these are the dreams of heartbeast.
wolfgang: these are the dreams of wolfgang.
so haunted: things will never be the same again.
october language: spectral transmissions of the season.
too late: there is no going back to the endless summer.
data loss: deleting the months.
3am mix: owen meyers gives us another late night.
tokyo: stories from a dream city.

now available and more present than ever.

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