Thursday, January 15, 2009

endless summer january.

for when summer seems like a million miles away,
here's that long awaited knightlife edit of cut copy's
so haunted. maybe we should also be asking: what
is it that makes us still come back to this track after
almost a year (an eternity in blog time)? and yeah,
it's almost been a year. before there was in ghost
, there was the so cosmic mixtape, cut copy's
preview of what was to be their annus mirabilis.
haunted with machines of the past and sounds of
the future, the so cosmic mixtape inhabits the
kind of space in time where trends are irrelevant,
music is about feeling rather than following and
1969 is just as relevant as 2020. somewhere in the
lovely looped piano riff of aphex twin's 'on' giving way
to the swirling sunburst dance rock of 'so haunted'
that started it all off
, the ice melted and prismatic
reality set in in 256-bit colour. the rock kids were on
the dancefloor, the mode was maxi, and new order
was transcendental. it was great.

and so with the knightlife end edit on so cosmic,
heartbeast/wolfgang came into existence to chase
endless summers of blue-sky gazing. this is the hand
we hold, kids. so here you go: back to the beginning
as a way of looking forward to another endless
summer. it may be 5 months away, but this might
help it get here a bit quicker.

cut copy - so haunted (knightlife's sun-soaked reprise)

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Eli said...

i have waited so long for this. gonna get me through the long cruel winter.