Saturday, March 14, 2009

love etc.

photo: sandra croft

too much of everything is never enough. you need more,
you need more, you need more. so the wunderkind pop
production house xenomania have taken the pet shop
boys back to form, back to the wow, and the result is one
of the best pop songs of the year. touched by the golden
hand of xenomania and fresh off the pet shop boys' writing
stint on girls aloud's 'the loving kind', love etc slots into
today's zeitgeist of electro-pop like something you didn't
know was missing til you heard it. you'll need more. so
here, also, is gui boratto, who keeps the clean pop aesthetic
of the original intact but adds an addictive layer of muted
propulsion, sleeking even more the sheen on neil tennant's
distinctive vocals, and taking it all out on his trademark
techno glide at the end. yeah, you'll always need more, but
thankfully, love is for free.

pet shop boys - love etc.

pet shop boys - love etc. (gui boratto mix)

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