Sunday, April 5, 2009

dead disco.

photo: eanna freeney

days they go fast and nights they go slow, so here's the
perfect band for that. diamond vampires only come out
at night, bringing their slow bpm-ed disco, a synthesized
coda of pulses and a low-end bass that makes time shift
just a little bit. in the day we all dress in tight black jeans,
flannel shirts and the requisite chucks so at night it's a
nice change to have these slow-burning atmospherics and
a voice from a different era, being knocked around side
to side by that drumbeat, glowing translucently in the
inverted shade of the moon.

about diamond vampires you will know nothing, because
they hunger for the mystery and glamour to return to
music. but they've given us 6 gorgeous slices of carnivorous
sex to go roaming in the night to, and you can pick it up for
free right here.

meanwhile. they stay hidden. and remain unseen.

diamond vampires - friday nights


Eli said...

this samples a scene from Smithereens an amazing movie you have to watch!

heartbeast/wolfgang said...

srsly?! now i am going to. so into this right now.