Sunday, April 12, 2009

however down we get, baby, we'll always be in style.

images: the lookbook

the lookbook is a real-life fashion magazine, but unlike
a fashion magazine, there are no stockists, no overpriced
skirts, and the only thing it encourages you to sharpen is
your imagination. it's a site where real-life people post
their 'looks' and the result is a wildly diverse and endlessly
eclectic combination of styles from all over the world. the
photos are works of art in their own right - this is no shoot-
from-the-hip myspace-athon of photography. dreamily
blurred, sharply contrasted, always hinting at something
elusive about the wearer. it's no surprise, then, that almost
everyone on the site is some combination of an art student/
model/photographer/designer/fashion student/under-22.
whatever you think of the fashion zeitgeist, this is a reminder
that the kids are alright and that if there is an international
style, it thankfully exists outside of the stifling confines of
the big-name fashion industry.

the lookbook

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nonsenseofthetruth said...

I really love these outfits and pics! And also lookbook! ^^