Sunday, April 19, 2009

one day, baby.

outta respect for johnny walker, paul oakenfold, nicky holloway
and danny rampling, and of course, the packed dancefloors of
the hacienda, here comes the new single from DFA's the juan
mclean, like it's 1989 all over again. 20 years after madchester
ended, the party lives on through the rampling-style chunky
synthetic house beats that backdrop this year's minimalist
version of the human league's don't you want me. two decades
of the intersection of human and machine have created a sparkly,
timeless future where any era can be recreated with precision
and with enough love to fill your empty heart. so it's 2009, and
if you weren't there in 82, or 92, or even 02 (hey this owes as
much to electroclash as disco) come soak in the future of the
juan mclean, whose new album is titled, aptly, The Future Will

the juan mclean - one day

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