Thursday, July 24, 2008

perfect sound always.

photo: robin lacambra

why do all the kids on the west coast hate us? would it still
be that way if we headed out to the open sky, did acid all
night waiting for the rising sun, then after that we'll drive
into the setting sun? well, the future looks bright, so come
on, let's go.

history itself has revealed very little about the lives of
girlsareshort, other than their 2001 debut contact kiss
was written and recorded while alex lived in brooklyn and
daniel remained at home in missisauga, ontario, a suburb
west of toronto. but they were kind enough to leave us a
legacy of some of the most exhilaratingly relentless, and
ridiculously catchy electronic indie pop ever made, and
for that we'll always be thankful. when it rains (take note,
pacific coast kids!) this is how we keep dry - it's also the
sound of a busload of kids skipping school, running home,
pressing 'record', and shouting for joy. it's tough to decide
what to do when you're drenched in sunshine, and this is
not going to make it any easier, so let's go back to where
it all began (in more than one sense, since alex is now the
other half of MSTRKRFT) to the sound of an endless summer
when our biggest problem was just that - deciding.

there's your headphones, there's the door, there's the sun:
you know what to do.

girlsareshort - lovecal

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