Monday, July 28, 2008

caught in a wave.

photo: sandra croft

sometimes it's just the simplicity of summer that lingers
in memory and nags with longing through the dead of
winter. from lazy afternoons to slow nights, this is a song
so simple and welcoming like a fresh breeze on a steamy
summer's night. the sound of ocean waves that begins
"beach baby" is an indication of the ease at which it will
roll over you; the vocals so seamless and dreamy that
you can almost imagine phil spector nodding in approval
at the modern, clean pop aesthetic. the beach boys will
inevitably surface as a reference, but it's all done in great
admiration for those original boys of summer. for all the
spaces between the wild nights, this is a reminder that
summer at its best is sweet, easy and smooth.

miracle fortress - beach baby

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