Thursday, July 17, 2008

stories from the city.

hello, barcelona. it's the city that shuts down for three hours
in the afternoon, but with fun waves, blue skies and a desire
to always feel the sand between your toes, wouldn't you? it's
definitely somewhere you want to stay for a little bit longer.
at night, things only just get sweeter. the sun barely has time
to vanish before the dancefloors start to rock and altogether,
you start to wonder if you've arrived somewhere in music

the days were getting longer so we thought it was just the
right time to introduce you to the first heartbeast/wolfgang
issue: the great escape. say goodbye to the endless winter by
perfecting the art of getting into deep waters with a big smile
on your face. or you could just visit barcelona and leave with
a big smile on your face, it's alright by us too. owen meyers
(barcelona resident and also half of circuit flow & the bird)
contributes a dazzling slice of electro goodness with his latest
bcn mix, and you can spend even more time getting to know
our favourite band at 36, 000 ft. we're sure you're wondering
when all the hype about air france will cease, but let us assure
you that there's never been hype between us and them, but
rather, pure love.

01: the great escape...COMING SOON.

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