Saturday, July 19, 2008

with hearts on fire i reach out to you tonight.

when your sense of self-consciousness has evaporated into
thin vodka or you start getting the urge to bring your
hands together and touch the clouds, it's time to DANCE.
just in time for the weekend and always in time for the
great escape, we give you 19 tracks of razor-sharp candy-
coloured electro glass, from our friend owen meyers over
in barcelona. it's not the first time he's done this, in case
you're wondering, so wonder no more and go over here
to see what else he's mixed up.

so, now that summer is back and making partying more
urgent, more crazy, more "i know what you did last night"
"yes? please tell cos i don't", you can go hard with all the
boys noize your little heart desires, but still have one of
the classic moments in quality house music, jean jacques
smoothie avec 2 people, for when the sun comes up the
next morning. it's a very generous helping of sparkly
euphoria, and damn, does it make you just wanna dance
hard. so what are you waiting for? oh right, here, let's go.

1. st. jordi day drum corps, barcelona
2. deadmau5 vs. jelo - the reward is cheese (jk remix)
3. boys noize - arcade robot
4. heartsrevolution - switchblade (la riots rmx)
5. fischerspooner - danse en france (d.i.m. remix)
6. crystal castles - knights
7. alan braxe - addicted
8. darkel - be my friend
9. the whip - trash (afrodigiscrache mix chopped by doorly)
10. boys noize - & down
11. cut copy - hearts on fire
12. simian mobile disco - i believe
13. van she - kelly (alan braxe and fred falke remix)
14. jesse mccartney - leavin (mstrkrft remix)
15. chromeo - fancy footwork (guns n' bombs remix)
16. jean jacques smoothie - 2people (mirwais extended mix)
17. kylie minogue - 2 hearts (the twelves remix)
18. little boots - stuck on repeat (fake blood remix)
19. M83 - couleurs

fire in your blog house, oh what's that?

owen meyers - bcn mix

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boys noize boys noize boys noize