Monday, August 18, 2008

time stands still: alter + modular.

modular presents leave them all behind (album cover)

if you had a band, you'd do it too. it's not a surprise that
modular and alter have linked arms, since dan whitford
from cut copy is a member of the studio. the graphics of
cut copy evoke a distinctly 80s flavour with kaleidoscope
hues and playful stenciling that lends a dimension to the
band that is inseparable from their music. it's fair to say
that the cut copy covers are heavily influenced by the
style of international realism, arguably the most perfect
style for a band like cut copy that mixes emotion and
technology together into one synthful whole. here we
go, alter for cut copy:

cut copy - bright like neon love (album cover)

cut copy - future (single cover)

cut copy - saturdays (single cover)

cut copy - in ghost colours (album cover)

modular posters:

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