Sunday, August 17, 2008

want it all?

where to turn when bored of the bland AA
options in your
closet, but scared of the
garish and over-patterned jerseys
scream at you from every main street window? luckily
there can be a harmonious
marriage of graphic design and
one that is both witty and original -- of course
it's from japan.

Design Tshirts Store Graniph. the answer to your t-shirt
prayers. graniph takes the
next step from where AA basic
leave off. what sets graniph apart are collaborations
with contemporary
and up-and-coming artists from around
world. they also delve into the vaults of design history
using images from great
minds of the 20th century. always
looking for more without pretense, graniph accepts ideas
designers, type artists and photographers submitted
through their website to ensure the constant
flow of amazing

maybe you don't want to drop 2000 yen ($20!) for a tshirt,
but just want an accessory that complements your style?
graniph translates their ideas into
portable mediums as
well -- the
lighter! there's graniph all over japan and a
handful of locations around southeast asia and
and if you get the chance to visit the Ueno location in
you will be rewarded with a stunning store and lovely staff.
but even if you only visit their website, you will still be
presented with a modern and forward-thinking approach to
graphic design, complete with
artist biographies, current
items for the season,
and wealth of archived images that are
a feast for the eyes after all that
boring cotton out there.

design tshirts store graniph

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